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My Snazzy List of Links

APA Studios
Home of the Famous Liam Harney Dance Company (That's partly me)
Jello Kids Recipes
There is always room for Jello:}
Wow Madlibs! Hours of fun>>>>>

Some wonderful people have viewed my page:}

Beth's Link Page

Hi! My name is Beth and I am homeschooled. It is a great way to learn. You have lots free time to do silly things like this. Well this isn't too silly, actually this is kinda fun.

Does anyone out there like Jello? Well, I luv that wiggly jiggly stuff that you put into your mouth.

I am also a dancer. I do all types of dance: Irish (a.k.a. Riverdance), Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and some Modern dance. That is all I have to say except for Please write, I am still under construction and Keep eating your Jello:}